About me

002The caterpillar turns into a butterfly. The Tadpole becomes a frog. The frog, when kissed, becomes a handsome Prince. The ugly duckling is really a beautiful swan. These are all metaphors for our lives if only we would pay attention to the mythology in the fairy tales from our childhood. It’s what I’ve learned from life.

My name is Neil Walter John Smith and I was an advertising copywriter and creative director.

Today I live a simple life, alone, close to my two grown daughters and two of my three granddaughters in a quiet seaside resort town on the bay across from Melbourne (which is visible in the distance on a clear day, close enough).

I write and blog on the Internet, trying to find the time to begin my second book … that’s when I’m not hangin’ out with my adorable and energetic 4 and 6 year old granddaughters.

This is the story of some ten years of my life, the struggling, disillusioned, fish out of water “creative genius” who encounters unexpected adventures (sometimes romantic) when his freelance business collapses in flames and total failure, and of the mystery that falls into his lap.

Out of the funeral pyre the mythical phoenix bird rises, renewed.

But as Napoleon Hill, author of the all-time world bestselling book ‘Think & Grow Rich’ said over and over, in every failure lies the seed of success.

Do we have to fail before we find our true purpose in life, the reason we’re here on the planet?

Out of my own experience of bankruptcy, of losing everything including my second marriage, I was stripped bare: homeless, jobless, penniless, friendless.

Some would call it Mid Life Crisis in the extreme.

From the ashes of the old me I found a new me, the real me, and from this cathartic moment I learned a truth they don’t teach us at school – find the real you and you’ll find happiness, success and everything else that matters in life.

That’s how I came to be writing this book, to share what I learned – sure, the hard way – so that others can reap the same benefits as I did – an easier way.

Did I mention the mystery?

When my mother lost all memory of the incredible research she’d done over ten years of her life, I wanted to ensure that her efforts were not thrown away. In any case, I believed that her mystery had some basis for further investigation and I couldn’t let the opportunity pass without taking up the challenge of pursuing it further – in the form of this book.

I found that my mother had left still quite a few stones unturned. And to my surprise, mystical events seemed to pop up along the way as if you say, go on, go on, you’re getting warmer! I share this with the reader too.

To order your copy of ‘The Mystery of Granny’s Ghost’ click here.


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